How to be a vendor at Georgia Jeep Invasion :

Simply click on the banner above or the registration drop down at the top of the page and go to "Vendors". Start the registration process and choose your booth size and checkout. After you have finished the registration process, send your logo and website address to .

With Power

  • 30x60 Vendor Space($600.00)

  • 20x40 Vendor Space($500.00)

  • 20x30 Vendor Space($450.00)

  • 10x20 Vendor Space($400.00)

Without Power

  • 30x60 Vendor Space($450.00)

  • 20x40 Vendor Space($350.00)

  • 20x30 Vendor Space($300.00)

  • 10x20 Vendor Space($250.00)